Friday, November 8, 2013

FGM Chess Camp.

Introduction: After our preliminary discussion on FGM's methods thus far, Norlito showed us his training methods into developing FM Paulo Bersamina into one of Asia's and Asean's strongest Junior from 8 up to the age of 15yo. Ref: here. See also our new team members on the side bar for profiles.

Norlito giving a short talk on strategy and correct thinking while playing on the board.

Norlito to Mark. Show me what you've got. 

Norlito on understanding deep position drills. Marks are given for understanding.

Competitor analysis. The boys helping each other prepare their opening lines against specific type of players. Here FGM was able to contribute some insights.

 Endgame drills.

Blindfold chess training with Mineth, the host of our chess camp.

Further detailing with Norlito checking on opening preparation.

Blitz training

Note: The training covered 8 days, morning, afternoon and night. So the photos are representative and many exercises were repeated in different positions in order to drill the lessons in. After the sessions we got a much better understanding on why The Philippines has 18 GMs and we have none. So after much discussion in collaboration, Norlito has joined FGM to bring our new and we believe improved, combined training methods to Malaysian competitors who are looking for International success. 

Fair warning. The training is very tough and not suitable for the faint hearted and the back door boys.

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